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Quick Commissions are back!
Sonshire Clock Tower by timberking
Colette: Kerahmel by timberking
HK-47 in a Factory: PigsTail by timberking
The Mishaps of Dan:  The Lost Strips 1 by timberking
Armor Scout R: Rei Baumann/Wasp by timberking
I'm probably going to return to doing quick commissions just to add some more pictures to my gallery:

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United States
I'm on Instagram now!:
Anyway, I've decided to update my profile since its two years old. So I'm just going to go ahead and re-introduce myself as timberking, the author of the Mishaps of Dan series, Zephyr and a series of smaller illustration projects such as Cyndy 2.001 and Mark and Elaine. My work varies in style and can go from east to west quickly. I do do commissions when I have the opportunity and just contact me if you're interested. See you guys later!

My official website:
Visit where I kick and post whatever:
Also have a few youtube accounts:
One for art stuff:…
And old animation stuff:…
Hey guys, timberking here again and I'm ready to take suggestions for new feature characters in the next line of Mishaps of Dan comics.  This time there are going to be a few more rules, but first are the obvious:

-The feature character must be from a fighting game.  (I will make an exception later in the new rules and for characters who extend from fighting games such as characters from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Nintendo, Shonen Jump, Viz Media, etc.)

-I cannot guarantee filling every feature request.

-The character must not be one of the characters who were already featured in the comic before (i.e. Ryu, Chun-Li, Deadpool, Spiderman, etc.). Nor can it be anyone from the first round (i.e. Dee Jay, Nakoruru, Nina, etc.) because I will eventually fill those requests when I have time.

-No graphic, gore content. Yes, there is violence in Mishaps of Dan (there has to be, slapstick is one of the series' mainstays), but the violence does have a cap, death is never depicted in the Mishaps of Dan, nor is body dismemberment (with one exception)  If you really want to add gore, make it very comedic (like Mishaps of Dan 12) or something similar to Monty Python's Holy Grail.  

-No sexual content, or borderline-hentai.  I AM NOT DRAWING GENITALS FOR A MISHAPS OF DAN COMIC. Under no circumstances will I have a comic wherein the main punchline includes characters openly engaging in some sex act. This is a no brainer for some (some).  Mishaps of Dan is generally PG-13 at best.  And while Kitana does rattle off a few sex jokes once in a while (Mishaps of Dan 20, 23, and 46 for example), the main focus is not sex/nudity/erotica.  Once again, if you really want to add this kind of content, consider a cat call strip, an after-sex strip or something involving Dan/the cast dating a character.  But once again, explicit sexual content should not be focus of your feature.

-NO INSIDE JOKES.  I can't stress this enough. Make sure if you have an idea, it's relatively broad.  The point of a feature is to draw a larger audience in.  If you choose to have an established character/original character/fan character do something that is extremely niche, it will detach many readers from the joke.  (i.e. "This comic will be funny because John Crawley from Art of Fighting wanted to get a car in the sequel and Dan breaks his plane, 'Fly Boy' and he gets mad because he looks like Ryo and Ryo called him a potato one time" [true story]).

-Try to dial back pop-culture references. As much as I love pop culture jokes (and trust me I do, episode 2 of my own abridged series had a Boardwalk Empire joke) try not to go too crazy about referencing a movie, video game, anime, tv show, comic, or a cartoon.  Keep it subtle.  (This kind of goes back to no inside jokes).

-No Mary Sue/Gary Stu stories.  The established character/original character/fan character should compliment the humor of the comic, they should not be the main focus. If the idea you have diminishes the MoD cast, reconsider it.  Feel free to look at the Lost Strips to especially see examples of how featured FCs/OCs are integrated into the comic.

Here is one new rule:
-If you want your OC in a Mishaps comic, be very specific about the character's personality, the scenario he/she and the Mishaps cast are in and try to make your OC as accessible to deviantART/the internet as possible (remember, a bunch of people are going to be reading this, not just you. So please, no deep inside jokes: "This would be really funny if you know that my OC is a neat freak and likes the color blue").

And the other that directly affects rule 1:
-If you want to see a character outside of a fighting game be featured in a Mishaps comic (other game genres, fan characters, tv, comics, cartoons, anime, etc.) give an outline of the character and be specific (I don't know everything about everything) and know that I will not choose as much of these feature types compared to others.  It is harder to feature a character outside of a fighting game because that would require the viewer to have some more outside knowledge of the franchise, rather than just Street Fighter or general fighting game knowledge.  Also, try to pick a more recognizable character from that franchise so that the reader doesn't have to be extremely keen on the mythos of the series (once again, no deep inside jokes: "This would be really funny if you watched episode 5 of Baccano").


The Mishaps of Dan 55: Halloween Special by timberking
The Mishaps of Dan 55: Halloween Special
I rushed out comic 54 for the purpose of this comic (comic 55) being a special because I thought the special being comic 54 would be a little strange.
Might I suggest reading this to: Luigi's Mansion from Mario Kart DS's OST?

Comic 55: "Halloween Har-Har"- Dan and the gang get ready to head for a costume party, everybody is about ready to go when horror swoops down and snatches up one of the Saikyo Squad members.  The rest is history. Bonus points if you get the reference behind Dan's costume.
Follow Mishaps of Dan on facebook to stay up-to-date on all things Mishaps related!:

(Also, I wanted to make the featured character more of cheeky prankster, because skanky seductress is pretty PREDICTABO!)
The Mishaps of Dan 54: The Archive Comics 3 by timberking
The Mishaps of Dan 54: The Archive Comics 3
A mini series similar to the Lost Strips, the Archive Comics are comics that are from my older original collection of Mishaps comics. Most of them have some stark differences from the normal series (such as more proportionate characters, use of cross-hatching and other such differences). I might upload other comics from the original collection that were not upload, but might take a little more time to edit...

Archive Comic 3: "Shao Khan's Hospitality"- The original debut of Shao Khan's character within the Mishaps series.  Mileena introduces Dan to him and the meeting goes as well as you would expect it to.  The art is a step back from my usual because it comes from my old high school stuff, also, I'm making room for comic 55 to be another special (no spoilers). Enjoy!
Now you can follow the Mishaps of Dan group on facebook!:…
Hollow Damage Child by timberking
Hollow Damage Child
A little random word association assignment.  Basically, we picked three random words from a cup.  I was lucky enough to get an easy combination (hollow, damage, child), so I translated it into a girl being haunted by two apparitions, one representing sorrow and trepidation and other anger and death.  I had fun working on this one because I could mix up the mediums I used.  Enjoy!

Materials used:
Watercolor, gouache, watercolor pencils, and colored inks.
Symbiotic Creature Comic by timberking
Symbiotic Creature Comic
We had an assignment showing a transformation of a model from one costume into another.  I made it into some sort of symbiote-like creature (similar to the symbiote from Spider-Man).  We were supposed to incorporate elements from the interview we had with our model, but I didn't because I didn't like her that much.  It's only one page with a really traditional layout. Anyway, enjoy!

Materials used:
4H Pencil, Micron Pen, India Ink and Chartpak Markers.

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